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Welcome to our pages in the InterNet. If you are not interested in our product, you may have a look at our Company's idea. We hope to meet you in the future.

85 -727 Bydgoszcz, Inwalidów 1
tel./fax : + 48 (0) 52 3421160, 52 3453045

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"We whole-hartedly sympathise with all those, for whom alien and repugnant are sluggishness, laziness, production fit only to be rejected, trashiness, work done in a slapdash manner, foozled piece of work knowingly tolerated, and botch. Strain of revolt against all these shortcomings is at the same time an access in the direction of their opposites, that is just mastery. Not everybody can achive such a mastery, but everybody can make an effort in order to come to it as close as possible."


... wysiłek ku mistrzostwu

Calendar events (polish)

Dzisiaj jest: Poniedziałek
1 Czerwca 2020
Międzynarodowy Dzień Dziecka
Imieniny obchodzą
Alfons, Alfonsyna, Bernard, Fortunat,
Gracjana, Hortensjusz, Jakub, Konrad,
Konrada, Magdalena, Nikodem, Symeon,

Do końca roku zostało 214 dni.
Zodiak: Bliźnięta

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